1. In the event that I do not complete point 4 above, I accept that either of the residential address/es recorded in section/s 5 and/or 6 of this application may be taken as my legal domicile until I advise the school in writing of my new address, which will then become my new legal domicile
  2. I/we authorise the School to do credit bureaux searches on me/us and in the event of any school fees due by me/us not being paid, I/we authorise the School to inform any relevant credit bureau and have my/our name listed with them.
  3. A full month’s fee is payable if the pupil is registered at the school for any portion of the month. Northwood requires 30 calendar days’ notice in writing when a learner leaves the school if a refund of the unused portion of the school fee is required.
  4. Compulsory School Fees are regarded as a statutory duty which is prescribed by law and may not be referred to a debt counsellor for debt review under section 86 of the National Credit Act. Please note that schools are exempt from the National Credit Act.
  5. In the event that I/we are not the natural parent and/or legal guardian of the child/ren, then I/we accept responsibility of parent as defined in Section 1 of the Schools Act.
  6. I/we understand that, in terms of the Schools Act, parents are jointly and severally liable for school fees and any divorce order is inter parties binding between the parents and does not affect either of the parent’s liability to the School.
  7. I/we have been advised of the exemption available to me/us on school fees.
  8. The Governing Body reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time on notice to parents.
  9. The school operates on a budget and is heavily reliant on parents paying on due date.

I/We the undersigned do hereby confirm that I accept responsibility as PARENT as defined in terms of the broader definition of the parent in Section 1 of the SA School Act No. 84 of 1996 (The Act).   This in terms of the education provided / to be provided by Northwood School (The School) and specifically undertake to be responsible for the school fees of the said learner as set out in Section 40 of the Act, the details of which I acknowledge the school has advised me.

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