Northwood New Learner Online Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Northwood.

  1. Completing / Submitting Applications:

In order for your son’s application to be considered, please complete the online application form and upload all supporting documentation requested. (These documents do not need to be certified.)

This form is to be completed by the Parents or Legal Guardian/s of the learner.

Admittance is granted strictly in accordance with the following:

  • The Admissions Department will first process all learners who reside with their parents or legal guardian in the Durban North zoned area.
  • All other applications will be placed on a waiting list.
  • All applications placed on the waiting list will receive a response in writing after their application has been considered.

Please note that submission of an application form does not guarantee acceptance to Northwood.


    • The documents listed below (certified or uncertified) are required. Please make sure that these are already scanned and ready to upload before beginning the application process, making sure your      saved files do NOT contain commas, hyphens or apostrophes.
    • Only pdf files are accepted. For the Learner’s photo, a JPEG (head and shoulders) file will be accepted. If you do not have a scanner, you can search the App/Play Store for a pdf scanner app for your phone.
    • If any of these documents are more than one page in length (e.g. a 3-page clinic card) please scan these pages into a single pdf file.
      • Copy of the Learner’s unabridged (full) birth certificate
        This reflects the names and ID numbers of both parents. If you do not have the new (unabridged) certificate, you may submit the old (abridged) certificate in the meantime.However, you must apply for the unabridged birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs and send us proof of application (i.e. a copy of the receipt). Please ensure that you send us the new unabridged certificate before the Learner starts at Northwood School, as no learner may be admitted without this.
      • Copy of the Learner’s clinic card (as proof of vaccination)
        Please visit your local clinic if you have lost your son’s clinic card.
      • Copy of both Parents’/Guardians’ identity documents (ID)
        If a parent is deceased, we will require a death certificate instead.Single parents:  If you are unable to provide all details of the Learner’s other biological parent (e.g. ID numbers, addresses, contact numbers), please contact the Admissions Department for advice before completing this application.Proof of guardianship – if applicable (If you are the biological parents please upload your son’s unabridged birth certificate at point 6 on the application form).
      • A recent photo of the Learner
        This must be an image or pdf file, Passport size.
      • Recent proof of residence
        • A utility bill if you own the property, or lease agreement from the person who owns/leases the property, at which you live.
        • An additional account in your name with your physical address listed (Telkom, Vodacom etc.)
      • Bank Statement
        Two months’ bank statements for person paying fees. (If not the biological parent or guardian we will need a copy of their ID also.)
      • Copy of Study permit (International Learners – where applicable)

Confirmation of receipt of Applications:

Confirmation of receipt of completed application forms will be emailed to parents at the email address provided. If you have not received a confirmation email within 10 days, please telephone the Admissions Department to query. (This email is not an indication of acceptance or rejection.)

Thereafter, please do not be concerned if you receive no further correspondence from us as we will contact you if there is anything further that we require.

We receive hundreds of applications and are only able to accept approximately 40% of the boys who apply.  It is therefore ESSENTIAL THAT YOU ALSO APPLY TO A SECOND AND THIRD SCHOOL (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE), as there is no guarantee that your son’s application to Northwood will be successful.

Notification of Acceptance / Non-Acceptance:

The Admissions Committee carefully assesses every application and sets up interviews with learners and their parents if they have met all the criteria. A final decision will be made by the admissions committee once interviews have been completed and parents will be emailed to inform them of the committee’s decision.

Please note that acceptance is provisional.  Once the criteria below have been met (within the stipulated timeframes), acceptance will be deemed final.

  • Paid the acceptance deposit
  • Satisfactorily completed and returned the acceptance documentation.

Acceptance Deposit:

An acceptance deposit is payable within one week of your son’s provisional acceptance. For your budgeting purposes, please note the deposits payable for the 2022 intake.  (These amounts are subject to change for future intakes.)

School acceptance (R3 500)
Boarders acceptance (R7 000)

Please note that the fees for 2020 are listed below,  2021 fees will only be finalised at the AGM in October/November 2020

School Fees for 2020 (excluding the acceptance deposit):

Grade 8: R58 000 less * R3,500
(Monthly payments= R4 955 per month x 11 months, Jan to Nov)
New Learners: R58 000 less * R3,500
(Monthly payments= R4 955 per month x 11 months, Jan to Nov)
Grade 9 to 12: R54 500
(Monthly payments= R4 955 per month x 11 months, Jan to Nov)
Boarding fees: R60 000
(Monthly payments= R5 455 per month x 11 months, Jan to Nov)

More information on school fees can be found on the admissions page.

The following are NOT provided by the school and are NOT included in the school or boarding fees.

  • School Uniforms
  • Boarder Uniforms and other items needed for boarding
  • Sports clothing, sports shoes and sports equipment
  • Stationery
  • Text Books
  • School Tours and Camps
  • Any other expenses that might arise

NB:  Orientation, uniforms, stationery, text books and other relevant information for 2022 in the form of a “welcome pack” will be emailed to the parents in the middle of October 2021 OR Parent(s) will be contacted to collect.


Northwood awards a limited number of Scholarships for excellence in Academics, Sport and Culture and an All- Rounder scholarship.  In all cases, the potential candidates are selected, solely at the discretion of the scholarship committee, according to the following criteria.

  • Academic scholarships are awarded to a select few of the top achievers in Mathematics and English. These awards are based on the Grade 6 December report and the confidential information obtained from their current school.
  • Cultural scholarships are awarded based on the learner’s commitment and cultural talent evident during his Grade 6 & 7 year.
  • Sporting scholarships are awarded to a select few of the boys who perform at a provincial (or higher) level in sports that Northwood participate in. We take into account the information parents provide on the application forms, and the confidential questionnaires received from the primary schools and the constant monitoring of performance by our Recruitment Department.
  • Every application is assessed in terms of the above criteria. Contact Mrs Kennedy for scholarship requests.

Please also note: Scholarships are NOT guaranteed even if the applicant meets the listed criteria

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