Northwood Take The Lead At Round Three Of KZN Surfing League

On Friday 10th of May,  Northwood A Team surfed round three of the KZN School Surfing League at Dairy Beach as solid groundswell began to fill the Durban bay with perfect lines ahead of the weekend. The boys enjoyed being able to compete in some more powerful surf and Northwood took advantage of the good conditions from the very beginning with Bevan Willis posting the top scores in the heat with his first two waves. There were head-high rights coming off the dairy bank and a reforming end-section at the southern end of the beach that Umthombo worked wave after wave to try and take the lead, but the disciplined Northwood team knew what they had to do and followed through.


1. Northwood A      25

2. Umthombo         21.3

3. Ashton College   18.8

4. Westville B         8.2
Top Surfer – Bevan Willis of Northwood

Report done by: Mrs. Aliphon

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