Northwood Inter-House Gala 2014

On the fourth of January Northwood hosted their Inter-house Gala with their four houses, Knights, Kings, Bishops and Crusaders. It consisted of all age groups from the U14’s to the U18’s. During the gala there was an obvious winner throughout, and that was Kings. However the “spirit” definitely went to Crusaders! Crusaders sang and motivated their team swimmers even when they were losing and it was a glorious sight to behold. At the end of the gala there was a race between the BE boys and teachers (boarding establishment) vs the day scholars. It was a very eventful race but towards the end no one was sure who had won, and there were laughs all round! Thank you to all the parents and to the staff who attended and supported our boys.

Article by:

Quentin Ward, Northwood Press Club

Photography by Luan Varela, Northwood Press Club

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