Mr Jordan Celebrates his 60th Birthday

On Friday 2nd November, the staff and the husbands, wives and partners turned out at the school Jubilee Room to celebrate Tony Jordan’s 60th birthday. The catering lived up to its usual excellent standard, and our Principal was in an especially jovial and relaxed frame of mind. Mark Rich emcee’d the festivities; short speeches were made by old associates, Johnny McGlashan, George Hook and Logan Stanley, all of whom related amusing tales of their friendship with Tony.

Events took a turn for the worse when The Wandering Mulberries took to the floor to sing. The group, comprising Mark Krause, Logan Stanley, Pete Blake, Gavin “Axeman” Robertson and Rob Lyle, mangled the lyrics to the Travelling Wilbury’s “End of the line,” and concluded by massacring another tune, “Tony the Pink.” Sensing that they would not be invited to “Idols” any time soon, they retired to a quiet corner and disbanded, to the relief of all.

Tony’s address was a nostalgic review of his career, the friendships he has made at school, and the hilarious mishaps that happen to teachers from time to time. He was generously applauded and the party went on for some time thereafter; altogether, a most pleasant and heart-warming occasion.

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