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The Corbishley Ellis Foundation

People may not know that there are a number of families residing in the greater Durban North area who cannot afford schooling. As a school, Northwood has a number of parents/guardians enquiring about applying for schooling at Northwood and once they realise the fees involved, they withdraw or try to apply for a scholarship. Most of them, don’t qualify.

We have realised that it is our duty to assist those boys and that is why we formed the Corbishley Ellis Foundation. To assist boys that have great potential to succeed but only need to be given an opportunity to do so, boys that may otherwise fall through the cracks.

We do this not only out of a sense duty, but because we feel that every boy has a right to the quality education that Northwood has to offer.

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Northwood Parents Group (NPG)

In the past we have had a moms group, where moms have been asked to assist with specific functions during the course of our school year. However as times have changed and the school has evolved, we have had more and more requests to include dads and become a full parent group instead. Hence the launch of the new and improved Northwood Parents Group or (NPG).

The events run by the NPG are twofold in purpose: to raise funds for the general benefit of the school and to cultivate, build and enhance the school spirit, family and community of Northwood.

The NPG will comprise a committee of talented parents who use their energy and insight for the betterment of the school.

Projects will include, golf day, Old Boy’s day, hospitality for sports events, fundraising and much more.

If you would like to be part of the NPG please contact Mrs Kennedy on or on 031 563 6501 EXT 302.

My School

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