Fun in the Sun with Staff vs Northwood 1st XI Cricket Team

After inspecting the pitch self proclaimed staff captain, L Bragin, dropped a bombshell and told B Gow that he had been replaced in the team by J Mortan , F Dawson and T Aliphon . To overcome his disappointment they gave him a camera to stop him from crying.

The staff started well with K Halse and D Steyn picking up a wicket each and putting the boys under pressure. In walked B Capell and the fielders ran for cover as Capell’s reputation preceded him. After a couple of mighty blows the unbelievable happened , M Fairweather took the vital wicket’s of Capell and A  Chiradza . Unfortunately M Fairweather could not follow this up and let his team down by going for 20 runs in the over . Lucky for the team his over allocation was over!

G William , J Edy and S Cappell batted well under some tight bowling from M Krause , P McAvoy and the surprise package T Aliphon, who proved she was a better choice in the team than B Gow.

The Staff innings got off to a disastrous beginning with M Fairweather and D van der Merwe back in the hut before the staff team had finished their massages, and there where many a stiff body going into bat. The other problem was L Bragin, who thought he was Geoffrey Boycott and was playing for himself. After a few choice words from his team mates he decided he would start playing for the team. Lucky P McAvoy and the giant D Steyn put the team in a great position. The staff team struggled in the end as rigor mortis set in and the boys took full advantaged and sneaked a 1 run victory. #knights #fun #boysrule

Northwood boys XI

172/8 (G Williams 30, J Edy 42,S Capell 30)

Staff 171 ( L Bragin 33, P McAvoy 30, D Steyn 31)

Northwood boys won by 1 run.

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