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Welcome to Culture, Clubs and Service at Northwood, where we offer a diverse range of activities to inspire and challenge our students. At Northwood  we are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education that nurtures their talents and prepares them for success in life. Our cultural and service activities are just one of the many ways we ensure our students have access to a wide range of activities that develop their skills and enrich their lives

Music at Northwood

Our music department provides students with a wonderful opportunity to develop their musical skills and perform in front of live audiences. Many of our boys who take music to matric level go on to study further within the industry.

2022 saw the exciting addition of violins to our music room, and more recently in 2023, Marimba’s, with which to further enrich our music programme.

Brass band & Drumline

The Northwood Band comprising of, originally, mainly brass instruments and a marching band drumline has grown to incorporate a number of other instruments, including: electric lead and bass guitars, saxophones, clarinets and a drum kit.

The Band plays an integral part in the culture offering at Northwood and provides boys with the opportunity to learn an instrument over the course of a five-year period.  Almost all of the instruments are provided by the school and many of the boys manage to gain the enjoyment and satisfaction of being part of a performing musical group having never previously had any prior experience.  Talented musicians, who have vast experience performing in various orchestras and provincial ensembles, are on hand to teach the boys and to guide them along the path to competency.

The Northwood Band has a number of playouts throughout the year and are a vibrant part of the atmosphere at all school compulsories.  The band provides the perfect opportunity for boys to be part of a team and contribute in a fun, fulfilling and constructive way towards Northwood’s extra-curricular programme.

The Northwood Band is one of the few activities where Grade 8 Squires can interact with Grade 12 Knights and the sense of brotherhood and belonging is strong. The boys live enthusiastically by their motto: “We make a joyful noise!”

School Choir

Our choir is another essential part of our music department, offering students a chance to develop their vocal skills and perform a diverse range of music. From traditional choral music to contemporary pop songs, our choir provides an inclusive and supportive environment where students can learn and grow together. Our choir performs at school events and participates in external competitions, most recently representing Nationally at Sing in Harmonie,  providing students with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents.

School Musical

Our school musical productions are an exciting highlight of the school year, showcasing our students’ talents in singing, dancing, acting, and music. From classic Broadway musicals to contemporary productions, our shows offer an unforgettable experience for our audience and performers alike. Our students work hard to create a show that is both entertaining and meaningful, and we are always amazed by their creativity and dedication.


In addition to our music-related activities, we also offer various clubs that cater to different interests. Our Debating Club encourages students to engage in thoughtful and respectful discussions, and develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Our Birding Club is perfect for students who love nature and want to explore the fascinating world of birds. The Hiking Club allows our boys to adventure and explore safely and under the guidance of experienced teachers. Through these clubs, students can meet like-minded individuals and pursue their interests outside the classroom.

Service clubs

Our Service Clubs play an integral part in school life with our boys learning valuable skills such as First Aid, Audio Visual Skills and Photography to assist with events and school activities.

Culture & Clubs On Offer

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