Northwood Variety Show 2023

Our Victor Daitz stage shone yesterday evening as dancers, singers and performers showcased their amazing talents at our Northwood Variety Show.
A big thank you to our guest performers who added their flair to the event, as well as our dedicated Events and Tech boys who set up and managed all the lighting, sound and stage equipment. A special mention to the Gale family for sharing their incredible drumming skills, we can’t wait to officially welcome Mr Gale onto our staff!
Our Northwood boys were the stars of the show; from rock music to jazz, ballads to tap dancing, one thing is certain – Northwood has a huge variety of talent!
We thank Mr Viljoen, Mrs Roets and Mr Steenhuisen for bringing this event to the stage, and look forward to seeing our boys take part in our musical later in the year.

Deputy Head Prefect Khawulani Thwala – Academic Prize Giving Speech

Congratulations to all our Achievers at our Academic Prize Giving.

Deputy Head Prefect Khawulani Thwala addressed the school and parents:

Success is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

Good morning to Mr Viljoen, members of school management, staff, parents and most importantly to the squires and knights seated here this morning. I stand this morning proud to see so many of you here and it makes me prouder to know that you all have earned a right to be here because, you worked hard and it paid off. You have succeeded!

Success is defined as “the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get ‘’ what can be concluded from this that success is different to each and every individual, but there are common characteristics of success.

A wiseman in Mr Barry once told us as his grade 11 English class that if you do something you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life .This statement entranced me, I wanted to find out why it was true and, as our generation does when they faced with knowledge they can’t understand , I went to google .I found that, this is because of PASSION, the first characteristic of success, a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for something. To be successful you need to motivated because what you want to achieve and what you have achieved is not easy. A study done at the McGill University, in Montreal found that being harmoniously passionate for an activity contributes significantly the outcome by providing one with hedonic and eudemonic happiness, emotions that you experience when you achieve success.

I over my high school years developed an understanding that we all will face adversity and failure as these are both steps in the path to success. The solution to these setbacks is the second characteristic of success Persistence. Persistence is not the failure you face in the journey to success it’s the ability to pick yourself up dust yourself off and go at it again. The adversity is a given be it trying to balance the work load of all your subject and it not working out, or studying very hard for attest and not achieving you desired mark, you have to try again because giving up is not an option if you want to succeed.

A crucial factor in continued success is self-improvement. In every achievement there is always an opportunity to improve weather you have achieved 75% and want to improve to 80% 90% to 95% and for those of you with 100%’s and think there’s no opptunity to improve.Improve by doing it again or by getting it for the year and not just a term. That  Desire to Improve is The fourth and penultimate characteristic of success. It is what separates a one good mark and a good end of year report. 

Our school’s motto has the Latin phrase Quisque Sibi Verus which means to thine own self be true which perfectly defines the fifth and final characteristic of success which is Self-Accountability. You know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and your potential. You know when you have worked hard or when you could have worked harder, this introspection is the first step to self-accountability. You have the right to hold yourself accountable for your success because ultimately you where in that exam venue writing that exam, alternatively you should hold yourself accountable when you don’t achieve your goals. This self-accountability it allows you to learn from your mistakes and eventually improve.

Gentlemen you have exhibited these characteristic’s hence why you have succeeded academically but the hard part now ,and is to maintain and improve this excellence, maintain and improve on the success that has brought you here today. I say this so that in a years’ time you find yourself succefull again and not regretting the choices you have made because the ball is in your court. I shall leave you with a quote by a famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle it reads ‘’the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’’ . Endure the bitter roots to eventually enjoy the sweet fruits.

– Khawulani Thwala

Northwood Knighting Ceremony 2022

Our Class of 2022 received their Knight pins during the Knighting Ceremony, a special milestone moment in their high-school career, made more poignant by each parent and guardian pinning the Knight to their son’s blazer. Thank you to previous Head Boy (2018), Cameron Ciaglia, who was guest speaker at the event.
We wish our young Knights all the best for the year ahead.
“Acquit Ye Like Men”
Cameron Ciaglia Speech:

It’s quite amazing actually, everything you have ever done in life has led you to this moment right now. Every decision, every word spoken every reaction and every bond formed has cultivated your very existence. Enjoy it, don’t destroy it, Embrace it, don’t deface it, send it, don’t end it. Becausewe are the revolution to our evolution, the architects to our prospects and the engineers to our careers.

Good morning Mr Viljoen, teachers, parents and of course the class of 2022.

It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve last stood on this podium but my legs are still shaking  more than  ever. I think the only time one feels more nervous is when Mr Govender calls you by your full name.

For those of you that dont know me, my name is Cameron Ciaglia and I had the amazing opportunity to lead the school as Headboy back in 2018. I am currently in my fourth and final year of studying Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria.

A lot has changed in the 4 years that I’ve been gone. Corona changed from a beer to a virus, tiktok changed from the sound a clock makes to a social media app, and apparently Mr Stanley trimmed his moustache. But most importantly  you guys changed from squires to knights. A journey  different to mine due to the pandemic, but a journey that will stay with you till the day your children become squires.

Having the opportunity to stand here and speak to you today is very special to me considering you were my group of grade 8’s. I don’t know if it was the fact that the majority of you were taller than me or down to the fact that we had the same maturity level but I felt something special about your year. And that feeling aged well as this may be the most crucial year in terms of keeping traditions and the true morals of a Knight alive.

These last 2 years have been interrupted by pandemics and civil unrest which had the potential of derailing the progress made in your daily lives. The current Grade B’s, 9’s and 10’s have not experienced even 50% of what makes Northwood, Northwood. The monumental days of turning goldstones into bluestones. The old boys day victories on this very field that give you goosebumps and the camaraderie between the grades as you sing the Northwood Call till your voice has completely disappeared. These are the  days that will stay with me forever. But my challenge to you, the knights of 2022 is to refuel that fire in the grades below you and be remembered as the year that Northwood went from good to great. Work harder than any year before, not just for personal success, but to be an example  that people desire to imitate. These lower grades need you more than ever and the time is now to step up.

I speak to the first team captains, the prefects, the headboy, the games room boys, the tech team, the guys that sit at the back of the class, then I say put your differences aside and come together as the  knights of Northwood. I’ve always said it’s not the size of the knight in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the knight – and that fight gents, is what I see in you.

But damn it was one hell of a fight. Knights of 2022, I wish you good luck. Thank you.

Northwood School Announces Cambridge Education from 2023

While 2021 saw the opening of the state of the art Victor Daitz Centre for Innovation, Northwood have set their sights firmly on 2023 with the exciting planned opening of The Northwood Cambridge Academy as part of their academic offering.

This, along with the dynamic industry relative inclusion of vocational NSC subjects, affords their learners the opportunity to work to their unique strengths and potential within a world class traditional boy’s high school environment.

As an internationally recognised education programme, the Cambridge Assessment International Education offers easier access to international tertiary education. It is a valuable extension to the schools’ current education offering in meeting the needs of parents and students considering overseas tertiary opportunities.

The Northwood Cambridge Academy, which will officially open its doors for students 2023, will offer the Cambridge IGCSE, AS Level and the A Level courses taught during timetabled lesson times by qualified, experienced teachers. Cambridge students will be fully integrated into all other activities of the school, including assemblies, award ceremonies and all extra-curricular activities. Class sizes will be limited to 15 boys per class, with access to state of the art technology. Students who are interested in the Cambridge programme will be required to write an entrance exam and demonstrate the set aptitude for the curriculum.

2023 will also welcome the introduction of CIVIL TECHNOLOGY as an addition to the school’s current NSC Subject package.

This industry relative subject incudes skill based development aspects such as construction, electrical work, plumbing and electronics, and as a vocational subject, further future-proofs Northwood boys, equipping them to leave school as potential entrepreneurs into the world.

Paul Viljoen, Northwood Headmaster:

“We are excited about these additions to our curriculum as this will further speak to the significance of each boy and will create opportunity to future proof our boys.”

Northwood will host various Open Evenings which parents and prospective students are invited to attend for a tour of their school and two Boarding Houses.

Northwood Cambridge Academy: 17 February 2022 Information Evening

Northwood Grade 6 Open Evening:

15 February 2022 (Tour of Facilities, Boarding Houses and Presentation)

Northwood Grade 7 Open Evening:

16 February 2022 (Tour of Facilities, Boarding Houses and Presentation)

Should you require further information regarding our Cambridge programme, please E-mail Mr Chetty: or Call: (031) 563 6501

For General School Admissions

Please E-mail:

Northwood Speech Day 2021

Our 2021 Speech Day took place on the green expanse of our main field, with honoured guests, our management and staff, matric parents, our grade 8, 9, 11 boys and grade 12 Knights in attendance; a truely wonderful sight to see so many of our Northwood family together again.
We were honoured to have Mr Khalipha Cele, Northwood Old Boy, Head Scout for Cricket SA and Head of Leadership Development as our Guest Speaker. There were many special moments throughout the morning as our outgoing Head Prefect and deputies were honoured for their service, and our Class of 2021 were recognised for their dedication and excellence in the classroom.
Mr Viljoen also took the opportunity to honour a special guest, DPHS Headmaster Mr Barry Wilson, on his upcoming retirement, and thanked him for the many years of service and excellence that he has given to education.
The morning ended with the announcement of Head Prefects and Deputies, with a rousing war cry as our Class of 2021 enter into the last days of their school career with Finals beginning on Wednesday.
We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them ring the school bell as they exit as Knights at the end of their exams.

Mr Viljoen’s Speech at Speech Day 2021

Good morning to all our special quests, governing body members, old boys, dignitaries, parents and other visitors. A special word of welcome to our class of 2021 – it is an absolute honour to have you with us on this very special morning. This is indeed the day that God has made.

I have over the past 10 or so months felt like the challenges would never stop – we have lost a teacher, I honour the late Mrs Aretha Jugath, boys have lost mothers, teachers have lost brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. The word seems like a crazy place. A place where normality seems light years away.

And then, you have a family meeting, and the dark clouds seems to dissipate just a little – our presidents change our alert level and we start to have just a glint of joy in our eyes.

Given this context, it would be easy for our boys, to back down, to surrender, to give up or to fall down – to feel like the joy has been taken from their lives – but then you would not know them well – because these are no ordinary men – these are Knights, men of honour and reputation.

As Knight, you fight, to protect all that is good, and dear and special to you – your family, your brothers, your school, its ethos, its reputation, because this place has given you so much.

This place is not a perfect one, not all things we do are excellent, we do not win all our matches, we do not all get straight A’s some of our boys are even naughty and make bad decisions – but that is what makes us human, that is what makes as unique, and this why if our beloved school has taught us anything, it is to accept that we are not all perfect, that we are not all exceptional, that some of us come from broken homes, disadvantaged backgrounds or has suffered tremendous loss. But isn’t that life boys? Is that not the best tool that we could have given you?

Men of Northwood, Knights – you have chosen this place as you’re your home for the last five years – some of you love it so much that you have spent six years enjoying this place you have called home. Thank you for giving it your all.

Thank you for playing and performing your heart out – thank you for honouring those that have come before you with your determination, effort and resilience – there is not an old boy would not be proud of you today.

So as you prepare to sit for your final exam and then go on your separate ways – cherish the friendships, heartaches, and celebrations – because we have faced them together –we have handled it!

So I am afraid for you? No –I am excited for you, yes! There are not many who could have dealt with the challenges you have faced. So you are ready for life, you are ready to fight for what is right, you are ready to live our code of chivalry.

Go out into the world and live life to the fullest:

  1. Build your foundations on your God;
  2. Each day, dare yourself to be outstanding;
  3. Never ever be afraid to fail – at least then you would have tried.
  4. Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst and a mind that forgets the bad.
  5. Always put Others First
  6. Go out into the world and understand that nothing is beneath you and that you are never too Important to do the small things.
  7. Be Humble in your Attitudes and Actions.
  8. And most importantly– Go and be a man of honour.

When you inevitably get criticized and questioned, when people judge you harshly, when others believe they could have done a better job, remember these words from that famous American President Theodore Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

To my staff and management team and the exceptional governing body– thank you for sacrificing so much of yourself in the effort of making our boys great! You have faced so much in your own lives, fought your own battles and lost some of your own loved ones. Yet, you always answered the call to arms – I can never thank you enough. You certainly make me look far better than I am.

To our boy’s parents – you have done well, you can be pleased, proud and excited. You have equipped your sons with a value system that will allow to excel in life. You have guided, loved and supported these young men during the some of the craziest times of their lives.

I love my God, my wife, my children, my boys, my staff, my fellow principals, our circuit manager, our board, our old boys and community, and I certainly love this precious place – it is an honour to serve this school and all that form part of it. Our blood is blue men of Northwood. Watch out world, the boys are done with school and now the Knights Are Coming!

God bless and thank you.


Knights Annual Circle of Valour Awards 2021

As part of our Reunion Week celebrations we were honoured to host the Circle of Valour Awards, honouring our Old Boys who have made exceptional achievements in their careers.
Congratulations to the recipients, Dr Alan Whitfield (Science), Bruce de Gier (Community Service), Grant Bashford (Sport), Kevin Gibson (Music), and Andy Wood – currently in the UK (Business).
The evening also saw the launch of the McAlery Scholarship for Good Fellowship, thank you to the McAlery family for your generous patronage, a lasting legacy to students who embody the spirit of helping others in their community. Lastly, a big thank you to Brett Proctor as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Opening of The Victor Daitz Centre for Innovation

The dream finally became a reality with the official opening of the Victor Daitz Centre for Innovation. We were honoured to host the KZN MEC of Education, Honourable K. Mshengu, along with the Provincial Legislature House Speaker, Honourable N Boyce, Dr Nzama – DOE HOD, and Dr Mthembu – DG for the Curriculum, who presided over the event. None of this would have been possible without the generous patronage of the Victor Daitz Foundation, thank you to Mr Simpson, trustee of the foundation, for being part of the unveiling ceremony.

A special mention to Mr Chetty who project managed the centre from its first inception, overseeing the various renovations, installations and technical requirements of this massive project.

Our school now enters this new and exciting arena in South Africa as a pilot school for computer coding, robotics and drone technology, with the relevant software, equipment and skilled educators needed to equip our learners with future forward skills and opportunities in a space designed for innovation.

Thank you to the SGB, our staff and parents, along with our various partners for their tremendous support and efforts.

Our 2020 Knights Produce Excellent Matric Results

The 2020 Knights have produced a stunning set of results. The class of 2020 obtained 23 A –aggregates, with Mohammed Osman achieving 8 A’s, Ishan Jewnarain, Yagen Murugan, Dean Van Dijl, Reshay Naidoo, Uzair Ameen, Rahul Mohanlall and Thomas Buckle receiving 7A’s. A further six boys achieved six A’s and nine boys with four or more distinctions. Across the grade 226 subject distinctions were achieved.
Overall, five boys achieved aggregates of above 90%, with the Dux award going to Ishan Jewnarain with an average of 93%.
Our class of 2020 produced a pass rate of 98,3 % with 81,3% of these boys achieving degree passes, with a further 17% of our boys qualifying for diploma studies.
We praise God for these wonderful results, and honour our teachers and boys for their hard work, resilience and dedication. We salute our Class of 2020!

Top Academic Achievers Announced at Speech Day

Congratulations to our top academic matric students who were recognised and awarded for their outstanding achievements at Speech Day. Special mention to our top three learners in grade 12: Reshay Naidoo – placing 3rd in grade, Yagen Murugan – placing 2nd in Grade (Proxime Accessit to Dux) and Ishan Jewnarain – placing 1st as our Dux. Well done gentlemen, we are incredibly proud of your achievements!

Northwood Announces Head Prefects

We are proud to announce our Head Prefect for 2021 is Mark Barter, with Deputy Head Prefects James Hooper, Kyle Northend and Darius Eswarlal serving alongside him. Congratulations on your appointments gentlemen, we know you will serve your school with honour by upholding our values and leading your peers with integrity and strength of character, we wish you all the best!
Our Head of Boarding for 2021 is Daniel Currie, along with Kwanga Peti and Zimvo Nte serving as Deputy Heads of the BE. Well done young men!