Northwood Class of 2018 Excels

The class of 2018 has made us proud! 28 boys achieved A averages, with, Kiaav Sunderlall achieving an outstanding 8 A’s.

7 A’s were obtained by:

Ashiv Baijnath, Adnan Bassa (Dux 2018), William Buckle, Emile Jonkers, Nicholas Deeb, Jason Kent, Riyadh Lakhi, Sayen Mirza, Marco Mudaly, Tarlin Nair, Hatham Omar, Keshav Pillay

6 A’s were obtained by:

Bhavin Bhoola, Adarsh Bodha, Cameron Ciaglia, Jordan Donnelly, Yasthiel Kemraj, Augustin Liu, Brendon Watling

5 A’s were obtained by:

Caleb Chinnu, Muhammad Hoosian, Tyren Kroos, Kivashen Naidu, Nasser Cassim

4 A’s were obtained by:

Owain Maistry, Yogeshan Naidoo, Shirahn Singh


Overall, 20% of Northwood students achieved 3 or more A’s, with 242 subject distinctions being achieved overall.  This equates to an average of 1.5 distinctions per boy with 94% of students qualifying for tertiary study.  Special mention goes to our top 3 achievers, Adnan Bassa placed 1st with an average of 94.6%, Marco Mudaly placed 2nd with a 93.3% average – both being invited by the MEC of Education to the ICC for the top achiever awards ceremony. Kiaav Sunderlall achieved an average of 91.6%, placing him 3rd overall.

Northwood congratulates our Class of 2018 on their fantastic results; a culmination of hard work from our learners, support from parents and unending commitment from our teaching staff.  We are grateful to God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us this past year, and look forward to a productive and successful 2019.