Northwood Welcomes Keegan Daniel to Rugby Programme

Northwood is delighted to welcome ex Springbok and Sharks rugby legend, Keegan Daniel, to our Northwood Rugby programme. Keegan’s focus will be on our 1st XV forwards, imparting his extensive knowledge and experience to our boys, however his aim is to spend time across all age groups nurturing the younger talent.

He will join Northwood’s experienced coaching team headed up by Jonathan Scruby (Director of Rugby), 1st XV Head Coach and former Sharks Assistant Coach, Grant Bashford.
“It’s a great opportunity to be working at a junior level at Northwood under Grant Bashford while gaining valuable experience and also to be able to give back to rugby”.

Torsten Sorenson continues as our 1st XV and school Scrum Coach, with Simon Vickers heading up the Strength and Conditioning programme. Richard Tyler continues his role providing medical support while looking after the health and wellbeing of our boys.

Since 2006 Keegan has accumulated 100 Caps in Super Rugby, including Currie Cups and a notable 5 Springbok Test Caps. We look forward to the season ahead as our Rugby programme goes from strength to strength.

Northwood Head Prefect Acceptance Speech


By Finn Whittle – Head Prefect

Look to your left… now look to your right. What do you see? You see the faces of your fellow brothers. The faces of the people you spend five of the best years of your life with. You see the faces of people you would die for because we are a brotherhood and nothing can stand in our way!

Good morning School, I am truly grateful for this opportunity to speak to you in this position. I would like to thank all of you for your support thus far and I hope I can take this school to greater heights, but this can only be possible if we work together as one.

I arrived here in 2015, under the leadership of one of Northwoods best Head Boys’, Ntobeko Sibisi. I can clearly remember the day, during orientation, when Fabien and I were talking to Nto on the astro. Out of nowhere he put his white blazer on Fabien and then on me. I was overwhelmed and also really honoured. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be Head Boy. I wanted that white blazer. I think it is safe to say that Fabien never got that same feeling. I soon realised that there were plenty of other ways of getting a white blazer. Later that year they announced the Head Boy for 2016. That’s when I saw it, this really cool sword. A sword only the Head Boy and deputies got to hold. This was my new reason to become head boy.

In grade 10, I learnt that being Head Boy was a whole lot more than just getting a white blazer or holding a cool sword. Being Head Boy means that you have to represent every boy who wears the Northwood badge over their heart. You have to lead the school with pride and humility but most importantly, you are there to serve. The prefects and I are here to serve you. We are here to strengthen this brotherhood and to further the vision of the school. Always remember, One school, One badge, One Brotherhood.

This is the Northwood sword of honour, the sword of a Knight.

The sword of a Knight symbolises many things

Power- It is not my power, but our power. Power is the strength of a community or Brotherhood. If we have a strong brotherhood, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

The sword of a Knight symbolises:

Strength- Strength is the ability for an object or group to withstand great force or pressure. If we stand together as one, we will be able to withstand anything.

The sword of a Knight symbolises:

Protection- Protection is to defend our brothers on the field or in the classroom. It is to protect that badge on your chest and protect the unity of the school.

The sword of a Knight symbolises:

Chivalry- Chivalry is the qualities of the ideal Knight. We always stand for what is right. We stand for justice and for honour.

The sword of a Knight symbolises:

Courage- Courage is the strength we show in the face of pain or danger, but courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the small voice at the end of the day that says, I’ll try again tomorrow.

And lastly the sword of a knight symbolises authority…

Authority is the presence we carry and take with us wherever we go. People will know that the Knights of Northwood have arrived, because of who we are and what we represent.

These are the qualities of a true Northwood Knight, qualities that are within us all and as iron sharpens iron, Knights sharpen Knights.

Throughout your life you will always learn new things. During the course of this year I learnt many lessons with the most important being, to take your chances with both hands because one small opportunity could take you to great places. You just never know where it might lead you. Each and every one of you sitting here today is a hero to someone. You may not know it, but there is always someone looking up to you, trying to be like you, trying to be you. Each and every one of you are unique and have many different talents. Mitchell Kruger, this is your year. You and the band are going to lead us. We cannot do it without you. Parktown are coming down next year and we are going to show them a thing or two. You all have the responsibility to always be your best self and that starts with doing the small things. Picking up litter, making sure your buttons are always done, greeting everyone you walk past, both younger and older. If we take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. If we look after each other in here, nothing can stop us out there.

To the grade 11s, we’ll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather, cold or warm. Let’s set the standard, let’s be the example and let’s take this school to the top. I haven’t got a dream for this school, I have a plan.

To the rest of you, I’m very excited to see where we are going next year. As I said before, take your opportunities. In the words of Marshall Bruce Mathers the third, you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.


But boys, just know… 2019 sazobalit, it’s going to be great !

Finn Whittle

Head Prefect