Northwood 1st XV Take the Win vs Clifton

On Saturday the 27th of May Northwood school hosted Clifton.

The Knights kicked-off playing towards the school. Northwood managed a great start building up some solid phases with outside centre Mac Mudara scoring in the corner within the first 3 minutes.

With a few handling errors from both sides for the next 15 minutes the game was really in limbo as each team waited for another to take charge. It would be Northwood who again set up a nice try to take a 14-0 lead. With another well worked try by experienced winger Mvelo Mlangeni, Northwood were up 21-0. Clifton did well to bounce back with 2 quick tries and reduce the deficit to 21-12. The game was officially alive and the Knights were really feeding off the energy. Another 2 brilliant converted tries by the Knights saw the Northwood home side go into the half time break for a chat holding a confident 35-12 lead.

Looking to build on their 1st half performance the Knights were humbled by a determined Clifton outfit. Clifton fought hard to score 3 unanswered tries in the second half which saw Northwood being forced into lots of errors which they will be feeling determined to sort out for their upcoming fixture on reunion weekend when they host Michaelhouse.

Special mention to Mvelo Mlangeni for some great work out wide consistently getting the Knights on the front foot and fly-half Robin Weersma with a brilliant kicking display all round.

Final score in favour of Northwood 35-31.

Save the Date for Old Boys Day 2017

Northwood’s annual Old Boys Day will take place on 3rd of June this year, and forms part of the “Reunion Weekend” which includes the school and Old Boys golf day, a special Old Boys assembly and breakfast, as well as the traditional Reunion Dinner held the night before match day.   Northwood parents and staff will be hard at work selling boerewors and bacon rolls, burgers, breyani, sweets and chips, as well as refreshments; along with a beer garden which will add to the festivities of the day.  The community are welcome to support their local high school in what is set to be a full day of competitive fixtures vs Michaelhouse.

For further information, please contact:

Northwood 1st Team Hockey vs St Charles, 3 – 1 to the Knights

On Saturday 6th May Northwood took on St Charles in the midday slot in Pietermaritzburg. It was a hot afternoon and the pitch was tricky, however the Northwood boys didn’t let this bother them and began the game at a blistering pace with good movement off the ball and solid ball-speed as well. It was St Charles who had the first few opportunities but Taine Bird was equal to the challenge and cleared his line well.  It was Tyrone Stanley who opened the scoring midway through the half with an excellent finish after a strong carry from the left hand side of the field. Stanley then doubled the score after an excellent bit of skill from Slater Capell saw his shot hit the post and land at Stanley’s feet for a tap in goal. At half time it was clear that Northwood had come to play, and to add another team victory to the growing list this season. The second half started much the same with St Charles pushing but not able to convert their possession which lead to an excellent attack from Northwood that saw Thomas King completely bundled over in the D which resulted in a penalty flick. Captain Ross Venning-Pridham calmly slotted the flick. Northwood then pushed for a 4th but just couldn’t convert, and as the heat and pace of the game disintegrated through the half, it was St Charles who scored the last goal of the game after a wayward shot deflected off a Northwood stick, wrong footing Taine Bird in goal. However the win was never in doubt, with another amazing performance from the Northwood Knights. They will be tested this weekend against Pretoria’s finest with a match on Friday night against Pretoria Boys High and on Saturday against St Alban’s.


Anti-Discrimination Talk by Mr Lyle – 10 Months of Awareness at Northwood

Discrimination may take many forms, such as race, gender, age, religion, societal, disability and so many other types; societies all over the world are constantly grappling with this grave problem. Even today in SA, our society remains fractured because of the cruel policy of Apartheid; it is and will be your task to undo the harm caused by generations of discrimination. Some other countries experience problems not unlike our country’s … Russia and its Chechens, China and its Uighurs, USA and its Native Americans, Australia and its Aborigines, Rwanda and its Hutu & Tutsis…the list is formidably long.

Discrimination may be very briefly defined as “the unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice.” People are pre-judged [in advance] by others before they can be fully understood. Often, discrimination arises because of mutual misunderstanding. Take, for example, the case of the first party of Dutch people arriving in what was to be Cape Town. Having rowed ashore, they were greeted by the people who were indigenous to the Cape. Presumably, the Dutch would have said, “Goede Morge, Junges!” and the Khoisan would have replied, “Click!” Instant mutual misunderstanding! Or take the Romans greeting the Turks with “Sit jucundus tibi dies!” and getting the reply, “Salaam aleikum!” And so out of this initial mutual lack of understanding grew assumptions that the other was foolish, of lesser worth, and therefore could be treated as a servant, slave or lackey; and if one side had technological superiority [firearms etc.], the other side’s fate was pretty well sealed.

Lack of understanding and unwillingness to change the initial perception causes the problem to grow out of control, which can lead to the most ghastly consequences. Hitler’s abuse of Germany occurred in just 12 years, leaving the country ravaged. Australia’s Aboriginal policies took them almost to the brink of extinction; in fact, the last Tasmanian Aborigine died well over 100 years ago. Thankfully, today the Australians have come to understand much better the complexities of Aboriginal society and are, as a result, more compassionate and inclusive of their indigenous people. In Britain, the political party UKIP is the British Nazi Party with a smiley face. In USA, Mr. Trump’s populist rhetoric concerning foreigners, women, Mexicans and immigrants is alarming, to say the least.

South Africa’s wounds are deep and slow to heal; much remains to be done. The harm done by Apartheid’s policies [forced removals, racist labour policies, political discrimination, divide and rule] have severely skewed South Africans’ perception of each other, sowing division and hostility throughout the land. We view each other through stereotypes and generalize about other sectors of society. It’s lazy to do this and tempting to follow a line of thought that requires little effort and which appeals to our baser emotions.

You may ask yourself, “So what can I do about all this?” It’s true that you alone cannot resolve all of South Africa’s problems, but if each one of us plays our part by being courteous and considerate, by recognizing our defective points, re-examining our perceptions and trying to improve, we can make a difference to heal our collective wounds. Here at Northwood, we encourage you to practice the art of mutual respect. The school’s code of chivalry urges on you the virtues of the Knight, which empowers you to take on the challenges of life in school and in society. Amongst other things, chivalry requires you to protect the weak, fight wrong, seek justice, be fair to all people, be generous, honour and respect all women, and to be true, gentle, faithful and brave.

South Africa has many, diverse cultures; why not learn about them, respect and celebrate their virtues. Compassion and consideration for others can do much to bring harmony to our country – and it starts with your determination to free yourself from the chains of discrimination.

Thank you for your attention.

Robert Lyle.