Northwood Chess Champs Win D&D Chess Tournament

The Durban and District Chess Tournament took place at Northwood School on Saturday 22nd August 2015. With Northwood School being in the lead from round 1, the team progressively managed to increase the lead by 7 points by round 5 with a total of 37,5 points, leaving Glenwood High School in 2nd place and DHS in 3rd place.  This is Northwood’s 4th consecutive win since 2012, and we look forward to continuing to excel in the sport of chess!DSC_2668

Front Row: From Left to Right: Mr Paul McAvoy (Chess Team Coach and Headmaster), Ananta Reddy, Sachin Reddy, Kyran Appanna, Charles Lin, Jed Govender and Sharon Reddy (MIC of Chess)

Back Row: From Left to Right:  Shivan Govender, Nimal Gajahur, James Meadows, Nihal Goorchuran, Yashil Morar, Ukyle Bezuidenhout


Northwood Hosts KZN Philharmonic Orchestra

Northwood was proud to host the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra today as they performed a concert for school students taking music as a subject.  Their performance was on matric set work music pieces.  Schools in attendance were:  Northlands Girls High School, Danville Girls High School, Pietermaritzburg Girls High, Waldorf School, Crawford North Coast and Eden College.


Northwood’s Athletics Champion

Northwood’s Luyanda Mngadi recently competed in the Youth Nationals Athletics meet in Pretoria where he came 1st for the Triple Jump, 2nd for the Long Jump and 6th in the 100m events.  He has now qualified for the African Youth Championship in December in Mauritius in December.  We look forward to watching Luyanda excel in his chosen sport are very proud of his achievements.


Northwood Inter-House Athletics

Last week saw a very competitive annual inter-house athletics event take place on our fields.  Thank you to those parents who joined us on the day to support their boys. Crusaders were the overall winners, however there were outstanding personal achievements from several of the athletes.

Age Group Event First Place Second Place Third Place Distance/ Height/ Time
U/14 100m Keane Fourie Lina Majola Nzelo Chonco 11,35
U/15 Chininga Nataizya Zayde Hoosain Michael Sweet 12,63
U/16 Luyanda Mngadi Tyrique Bartlett Mikhyle Chettiar 11,28
U/17 Luan Varela Sifiso Ganinda Craig van Leewen 11,62
Open Junaid Syed Nkanyiso Ntombelo Quinton Mogale 11,28
U/14 200m Keane Fourie Lina Majoli Sebastian Marshall 25,78
U/15 Nipho Mdlela Khaya Mazibuko Michael Sweet 26,72
U/16 Thami Ndlela Daniel Zvidzai Tyrique Bartlett 26,28
U/17 Luan Varela Sifiso Gininda Craig Van Leeuwen 24,94
Open Junaid Syed Quinton Mogale Ntobeko Sibisi 24,43
U/14 400m Chris Sarafidis Samukelo Ndlovu Ranger Chulumanco 1:01:15
U/15 Nipho Ndlela Michael Sweet Ethan Biggar 1:01:97
U/16 Mvelo Mlangeni Sibusiso Khumalo Mark Fouche    55:91
U/17 Sifiso Gininda Luan Varela Scott Bowman    57:07
Open Rowan Kader Jadon Steven Jaryd Lucioli 1;01:16
U/14 800m Nyasha Jani Junior Dlamini Chris Sarafidis 2:31:70
U/15 Cameron Souchon Ethan Biggar Wanda Mtolo 2:30:00
U/16 Mvelo Mlangeni Robin Weersma Mark Fouche 2:34:45
U/17 Naseem Domingo Sihle Mkhize Scott Bowman 2:23:91
Open Ntobeko Sibisi N Ntombela Cody Agnew 2:39:62
U/14 1 500 m Nyasha Jani Ntokozo Makhaza Chris Sarafidis 5:08:94
U/15 Ethan Biggar Dane Stander Luke Stevens 5:18:44
U/16 Jared Campbell Jelle Veenstra Jarrod Stewart 5:05:43
U/17 Scott Bowman Ben Carnie Wanda Phili 5:02:09
Open Travis Edmonstone Viwe Makula Garick Goldman 5:32:56
U/14 3000m Nyasha Njani Ntokozo Makhaza Chris Sarafidis 11:48,
U/15 Connor Leven Wanda Mtolo Cameron Ciaglia 12:21,82
U/16 Jarrod Stewart Alex Leven Cayde Muldoon 11:25,72
U/17 Ben Carnie Wanda Phili Songezo Rala Rala 11:31,06
Open Travis Edmonstone Blayde Capell Shane Bradbury 15:19,27
U/14 L/Jump Keane Fourie Jeremy Martins Connor Maxwell 5,00m
U/15 Cameron Souchon Ethan Pretorius Taine Bird 5,30m
U/16 Duncan Cunningham Mitchell Harvey Sihle Mkhize 5,10m
U/17 Luan Varela Sifiso Gininda Brandon Jacobs 5,75m
Open Junaid Syed Jason Daniels Blayde Capell 5,40m
U/14 *H/Jump Keane Fourie Rohaan McLean Mongezi Ngomezulu 1,67m
U/15 Khaya Mazibuko Taine Bird Quinton Sibisi 1,65m
U/16 Braden Beaumont Sihle Mkhize Sinqobile Nzuza 1,60m
U/17 Lars Van der Meijder Sabelo Shangase Wanda Philli 1,70m
Open Pikho Sobahle Kyle Trollip Justin Snyman 1,60m
U/15 T/Jump Cameron Souchon Ethan Pretorius Taine Bird 10,87m
U/16 Luyanda Mngadi Mark Fouche Revan Poggenpoel 12,96m
U/17 Luan Varela Scott Bowman Cole Pretorius 11,19m
Open Travis Edmonstone Blayde Capell Matthew Smith 10,63m
U/14 Shot Put Ranger Chulumanco Siyemukela? Greg Peterson 11,70m
U/15 Burkie Hamman Zinzan George Tristan Fincham 12,57m
U/16 Kadin Govender Ross Pridham Nkosana Fraser 10,24m
U/17 Damian McCallum Zandre Griffin Troy Kircher 11,7m
Open Nathan Fincham Caleb Lingwood Kian Both 11,47m



Age Group Event First Place Second Place Third Place Distance/ Height/ Time
U/14 Javelin Finn Whittle Jayden Wessels Ciaran Bigwood 26,39m
U/15 Zinzan George Tristan Fincham Kalin Govender 27,24m
U/16 Ross Pridham Nathan Wallace Slater Capell 20,97m
U/17 Alex Wright Anthony Payne Joshua Cowell 35,73m
Open Travis Edmonstone Ighsaan Manuel Kian Both 36,27m
U/14 Discus Quinn McKenzie Danie Van Huizen Finn Whittle 24,13m
U/15 Burkie Hamman Brendan Deyzel Tristan Fincham 37,45m
U/16 James Meadows Duncan Cunningham Mark Fouche 36,71m
U/17 Kyle Jooste Troy Kirchner Zandre Griffiths 29,43m
Open Nathan Fincham Ryan Symmington Ntokozo Mthembu 27,58m

4 x 100m


Crusaders Kings Bishops 51,03s
U/15 Crusaders Bishops Knights 51,59s
U/16 Crusaders Bishops Knights 49,91s
U/17 Crusaders Kings Knights 49,53s
Open Crusaders Kings Bishops  


*New Record




3000m Open G. Latouf Travis Edmonstone Kings
Triple Jump Open Bricknell Travis Edmonstone Kings
Shot Put Open J.A. Smith Nathan Fincham Knights
Discus Open Jimmy McIntosh Nathan Fincham Knights
Long Jump Open D.E. V. Shaw Junaid Syed Kings
High Jump Open Northwood Trophy Phiko Sobahle Crusaders
Javelin Open C. Young Travis Edmonstone Kings
1500m Open A. Tedder Travis Edmonstone Kings
100m Open J. C. Fenton Junaid Syed Kings
100m U16 G. Linderman Luyanda Mngadi (*) Crusaders
400m Open J. P. Fourie Rowan Kader Bishops
200m Open H. H. Sulin Junaid Syed Kings
800m U14 V. Jacklin Nyasha Jani Crusaders
800m U16 J. Hofmeyer Mvelo Mlangeni Crusaders
800m Open J. Evans Ntobeko Sibisi Crusaders
4 x 100m U14 P. Hardaker Crusaders (*)  
4 x 100m U15 Northlands Old Boys Crusaders  
4 x 100m U16 T. Olufsen Crusaders  
4 x 100m U17 Northlands Goodwill Crusaders  
4 x 100m Open Norman Moore Crusaders  
U14 Champion Beachwood High School Keane Fourie (*) Crusaders
U15 Champion Beachwood High School Cameron Souchon Crusaders
U16 Champion Teddy Jones Memorial Mark Fourie Kings
U17 Champion Northwood Luan Costa Varela Crusaders
Open Champion Northwood Travis Edmonstone Kings
Best Performance: Junior A. C. Hansen Keane Fourie Crusaders
                                 Senior Pevsner Travis Edmonstone Kings
Winning House Banks Trophy Crusaders  
  1st Crusaders (727)  
  2nd Bishops (538)  
  3rd Knights (410)  
  4th Kings (317)  


(*) New Record

Northwood North Durban Soccer Selections

Congratulations to the following boys from Northwood who have been selected to represent North Durban at the regional trials:

U19:    W. Roelofsza;  B. Melville; S. Letsi; N. Ntombela; M. Comitos; S. Sibisi; N. Domingo; N. Sibisi; S. Nzuza; B. Mushangazhike; J. Syed

U16:    M. Xulu; M. Mlangeni; K. Lutchmeenarrain; M. Talbot; M. Dalle-Vedove; S. Mkhize; T. Stanley; T. Bartlett; K. Naidoo; S. Ncwane; M. Mnombeli; J. Stewart

U15:    N. Moodley; N. Hlombe; Q. Sibisi; S. Ngubane; S. Majali; L. Singh;

U14:    S. Banda; M. Mngomezulu; J. Dlamini; C. Mfakadolo; S. Hlongwa; N. Mkhaza; N. Chanco; R. McClean

Indoor Hockey Results 30/07 to 12/08




6 August U16A Northwood U16B Won 10 – 0 T. Stanley 5, C. Leaity 2, T. King 1, M. Dalle-Vedove 1, R. Venning-Pridham 1
6 August 1st DHS 1st Won 7 – 3 S. Bradbury 3, C. van Breemen 1, S. de Marigny 1, B. McNally 1, I. Manuel 1
11 August U16A DHS U16A Won 11 – 1 S. Capell 4, T. King 2, T. Stanley 2, C. Leaity 1, M. Dalle-Vedove 1, R. Venning-Pridham 1
11 August U16B Thomas More U16A Drew 2 – 2 B. Smith 1, E. Biggar 1
12 August 2nd Hillcrest 1st Won 7 – 0 L. McIlroy 4, T. Baird 2, M. Hatton 1


30 July 1st Kearsney 1st Lost 3 – 5 B. McNally 1, S. Bradbury 1, J. Cowell 1
3 August U14A Kearsney U14A Lost 3 – 4 F. Whittle 2, D. McIlroy 1
4 August U16A Westville U16A Won 6 – 3 R. Pridham 2, S. Capell 2, M. Dalle-Vedove 1, T. Stanley 1
4 August U14B Ashton U14A Drew 0 – 0  
5 August 2nd Thomas More 2nd Won 7 – 0 B. Phillips 3, L. McIlroy 2, T. Baird 1, S. Bowman 1


30 July 1st Kearsney 1st Lost 3 – 5 B. McNally 1, S. Bradbury 1, J. Cowell 1
3 August U14A Kearsney U14A Lost 3 – 4 F. Whittle 2, D. McIlroy 1
4 August U16A Westville U16A Won 6 – 3 R. Pridham 2, S. Capell 2, M. Dalle-Vedove 1, T. Stanley 1
4 August U14B Ashton U14A Drew 0 – 0  










Northwood Surfers Take the Win at KZN Tag Team Champ Finals

Northwood surfed in the 2015 KZN Schools Surfing Champs at Dairy beach on the weekend. Northwood 2nds surfed their way to 6th place, while the 1st team used the small but pristine conditions to their advantage to get to what was to be an epic final! The team were disciplined and surfed with consistency, making it very difficult for the other teams to contend with.  Clifton came close but in a team event like this, Northwood out shone them all. Well done to Bevan Willis, Keagan Wallace, Matthew Sills, Saxton Randall and Jaime Irvine who did us proud!

The standard of surfing was the best we have seen at a Schools Tag Team competition and there was no margin for error. The boys displayed some exciting surfing and focussed on getting the most out of the waves under enormous pressure. It was a fine way to end off the season and I can’t wait for next year.

Thank you to Paul Canning from O’neill for putting up the Prizes!