Northwood 1st Team Hockey Draw 1-1- vs Kearsney

The Northwood 1st XI travelled to Kearsney for the match on Saturday the 17th March. The derby game started as predicted with both teams coming out firing, however it was Liam M from Kearsney who thunder-bolted a shot into the Northwood backboard around 10 minutes into the match. This woke Northwood up even more and not long after that, Zinzan G reversed pressed, turned-over a Kearsney defender and seconds later linked up with Chris S to finish what he started by diving and deflecting the ball in at the back post. The second half saw a scrappier affair taking place, and with heightened frustration levels of the players, the game didn’t find another level. Even after Campbell D had the chance of the game which Taine B miraculously saved and Northwood too had a chance that saw the Kearsney upright rattled with just 3 minutes remaining, the game played out to a 1-1 draw. Well done to both teams.