Grade 11 Environmental Club Takes Part in International Coastal Clean Up

A dedicated group of grade 11 learners from Northwood’s Environmental Club, under the leadership of Dr Pillay, took to the shores of Umhlanga Beach. These enthusiastic environmentalists were engaged in removing litter in the early hours of this past Saturday morning, which coincided with the “International Coastal Clean Up”. Within an hour and over a distance of 20 metres , four bags of litter were collected, ranging from mussels being strangled by fishing gut to numerous cigarette stumps, ice cream sticks, socks and polystyrene cups, amongst others. The debris evidences human activities and more significantly the detrimental effect that it has on aquatic life and food security. With the cheering received from the morning joggers and photographers on the beach, we are hopeful that Northwood made a meaningful contribution to raising  awareness amongst the beach-goers and fishermen about keeping our environment clean.