Discover Northwood

Tomorrow’s Achievers Today 

Sound, pro-active governance coupled with leading-edge initiatives ensure that the education offered at Northwood is relevant to the demands of today’s society.  Northwood is the school of choice for the North Durban Community where:

§         Parents trust and believe in their son’s education.

§         Educators find enjoyment and fulfillment through teaching in our outstanding facilities.

§         Learners are proud of their school.

§         Willing and diverse participation from all stakeholders facilitates shared accountability through unity and respect.

Top-Class, Relevant Education for a Changing World 
Northwood prides itself on providing an education that combines the broad virtues of a traditional boys’ school with innovations designed to encourage the growth of the individual. Involvement in sport, cultural and outreach activities plays a vital role in personal development by encouraging team spirit, sportsmanship, altruism, leadership, physical development, creativity and fulfilment. While encouraging healthy competition, the school seeks to offer each learner the opportunity to find and excel in their individual area of expertise.

Northwood offers a balanced and relevant education in a positively challenging yet disciplined environment. This empowers its learners to enter a changing world as happy, confident and competent young men equipped with the necessary skills, initiative and enthusiasm to face the future of their choice. Although participation in all aspects of school life is fundamental, academics remains Northwood’s primary focus, so that outstanding academic results are consistently achieved.  As one of South Africa’s top traditional boys’ schools, Northwood has built on the firm foundations established by its founder schools, Northlands and Beachwood, to produce a proud reputation of academic, cultural and sporting achievements for over sixty years.

Squires to Knights

In the Age of Chivalry, Squires became Knights by learning the Code of Chivalry which promoted honour, honesty and respect for God, courage, generosity, compassion, courtesy, loyalty and self-control.  Knights also acted as mentors to Squires.  In the same way, Squires (grades 8-11) at Northwood are guided with the help of the school, parents and guardians and Knights (grade 12) to take on these virtues so they leave Northwood as men, who go into the world and make a difference. When Beachwood and Northlands merged in 1990 to form Northwood it was possible to merge the school badges and retain both mottos to echo this.  “Acquit Ye like Men” (Behave like Men) and “Quisque Sibi Verus” (Be True to Yourself) remind Northwood learners to become men who are true to themselves, while at the same time upholding the values of chivalry.

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